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Mötley Crüe acaba de publicar el primer avance la película biográfica ‘The Dirt’ (The Unbelievable Story Of The World’s Most Notorious Band) que se estrenará en Netflix el 22 de marzo. Mañana publicarán el primer tráiler.

Los homenajes y realizaciones en torno a su vida no se han dejado esperar y esto era algo que muchos querían ver.

Ladytron lanza nuevo disco a nivel mundial rumbo a su esperada presentación en la Ciudad de México el 27 de febrero en El Plaza Condesa.

Finalmente, la banda de Dave Coverdale y compañía, Whitesnake editará en este semestre su nuevo álbum de estudio.

A través de Twitter, el bajista de Mötley Crüe Nikki Sixx ha revelado que el grupo publicará una nueva canción junto al rapero Machine Gun Kelly.

La mente creativa de Radiohead ha colaborado con la marca de moda estadounidense rag & boneThom Yorke es el encargado de poner la banda sonora del nuevo vídeo de la firma, titulado A Last Supper.

The Rhythm of Ooze is the fifth release by the adventurous german duo: Pretty Lightning; they've been together since 2007, and they continue to bring something fresh, something twisted to the table. Influenced by delta blues, krautrock, psychedelic rock, and even stoner, they deliver, as a glistening gift, a very intimate journey, and to quote their description at their Bandcamp page: 'it's both traditional and unexpected'.

There was a lot of anticipation brewing towards Bran Coucou’s release, and our expectations were surpassed. Both PoiL and Ni had an impressive trajectory; these conjoined bands have formed a monster that shifts from shape to shape as it rambles by, leaving delirious patterns of debris behind. Percussive in nature, there is a mild influence of minimalism, RIO and of Zu’s sound. It’s clear, from their very first song that we’re the prey.

Red Lama’s Motions had just swept us off our feet, suddenly it turns out there is more music coming our way: Dogma, their latest EP, has just been released. It’s very interesting how Dogma and Motions are so consistent and different from each other even though they were released in the same year.

XXLXiu Xiu and Larsen, the Italian experimental band, unite again for a fourth album. Puff O'Gigio, a mythological yet genetically modified being, gives its name to an album filled with its own dystopic fantasy.

Kikagaku Moyo  is back with Masana Temples, their 4th studio album. There is an atemporal and a glistening quality to their entire discography, it has flourished naturally, responding to the pace of the seasons, to humidity, to light and to the vegetation surrounding it. It’s important to mention their discography because each album of theirs is an adventure, a spellbinding exploration; their sound has bloomed and has taken many different directions without losing its very own signature.

Tiferet, which translates to beauty, is the sixth of eleven albums that make up John Zorn's: The Book of Beriah from the Masada compositions. Benjamín Shwartz took over nine pieces, giving them a new sense of their own. The path is somehow linear, like a journey that can only take place on a foreign land by riding a mysterious train through inhospitable lands, in pursuit of distant dunes.

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Hace 25 años, el 31 de enero de 1994, Tori Amos publico Under The Pink, su segundo álbum. Un paso adelante tras el exitoso debut Little Earthquakes, significó para la artista un viaje interior y a la vez una travesía a una hacienda de 150 años de antigüedad en Taos, Nuevo México, donde fue grabado.