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Kikagaku Moyo  is back with Masana Temples, their 4th studio album. There is an atemporal and a glistening quality to their entire discography, it has flourished naturally, responding to the pace of the seasons, to humidity, to light and to the vegetation surrounding it. It’s important to mention their discography because each album of theirs is an adventure, a spellbinding exploration; their sound has bloomed and has taken many different directions without losing its very own signature.

Tiferet, which translates to beauty, is the sixth of eleven albums that make up John Zorn's: The Book of Beriah from the Masada compositions. Benjamín Shwartz took over nine pieces, giving them a new sense of their own. The path is somehow linear, like a journey that can only take place on a foreign land by riding a mysterious train through inhospitable lands, in pursuit of distant dunes.

A journey gives us the irreplaceable gift of experience, and a journey is how I would choose to describe Wild Ferment, the new album by The Steams, an incredible band from the already incredible scene from Greece.

The celebration has started! After twenty-one years Dog Fashion Disco is revisiting and re-recording their first albums; last year they released Erotic Massage Redux and now they are releasing Experiments in Embryos, which features some of the early tracks of Experiments in Alchemy and Embryo's in bloom.

The thrill of impermanence and a rush of adrenaline not only get along, they describe Daisy Mortem very well; they’re irreverent and they’re very sharp. They defy their scene as they evoke, with a cyberpunk twist, the eighties.

Mind Me When I’m Gone roars in a delightful kind of way and sets the tone for what will be an explosive album. This rock’n’roll trio is loud, concise and all over the place: Supersoul’s debut comes all the way from Athens, and that is no surprise, the stoner scene from Greece is flourishing rapidly.

Beige starts curtly, within an instant their enthusiasm and their heat are exposed along their wild beat.

Down With the Gypsies has released their first album, Kassiopeia, and it has a delightful taste of restless nights, each song takes you to a different destination.

 Breath After Coma’s Leaders starts out with a blast, Fool sets the tone of the album with no hesitation in between it’s distorted guitars and it’s tender chorus, Duncan Harris follows up, there is an aggressive steam to their melodies, it lurks seductively, and as it evaporates a relatable vulnerability remains, their alluring riffs melt into a violent yet heartfelt melancholy.

Ramble Beyond came out this spring, and it’s definitely worth listening to, it starts softly with a provocative glow that explodes into “Asleep in the Orchard”...

We interviewed Bent Knee and this is what they have to say about their brand new album.

This spring gave us the latest production of Yugen since 2010, and if you haven’t heard it, it’s a must.